Democracy is never wrong

Anyone who follows the news knows the problems Toronto City Council faces in light of the revelations of that city’s duly elected mayor; that he has smoked crack cocaine and that he has on occasion had a drink or two too many. In addition to that, he has used most inappropriate language from time to time during this ordeal.

As a Montrealer, far be it for me to weigh in on this mess. However, let me say that the people of Toronto democratically elected Mr. Ford, who is not facing any criminal charges at this time.

Mr. Ford should be left to finish out the mandate that he was elected to serve and then let the people decide. If he is reelected to the position, then he’s the right person for the job. Democracy is never wrong.


Charter of Crap!

Yesterday the provincial government tabled a bill that is titled “Charter affirming the values of State secularism and religious neutrality and of equality between women and men, and providing a framework for accommodation requests” How is that for a mouthful of garbage?

Essentially the government is looking to prevent our Sikh, Muslim, Jewish, and other religious friends from freely expressing their religious beliefs while in the employ of the provincial government.

The irony here is the provincial government tabled this bill so close to Remembrance Day, a day of national reflection where we remember all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the defence of this country and its values, which include freedom of religion and freedom of expression. If the opposition parties do their jobs properly this law will never be passed. However if it does become law, I sincerely hope the Federal government and ultimately the Supreme Court of Canada uphold our values and strike down this evil, mean spirited, xenophobic, islamophobic sorry excuse for an example of how our tax dollars are spent.

… oh and let’s also hope the “primacy of the French language” provisions in this bill never make it into law, only because English language rights in Quebec need protection, not further erosion.


United Irish Societies of Montreal Celebrates 85th Anniversary

The United Irish Societies has its beginnings in 1928, organizing its first parade in March 1929. The first executive chosen for the organization was John I. McCaffrey, President, who was choir director and organist at Griffintown’s St. Ann’s Church. His Vice President was Herbert Potter, Secretary of the St. Patrick’s Society. The responsibility for Publicity was given to John Loye, an Irish historian, who also assumed responsibility for the design and lineup of the parade’s content. William Hickey, member of St. Thomas Aquinas Parish, was the organization’s Secretary. Patrick Quinn was the organization’s Treasurer.

President Beverly Murphy with Ambassador Ray Bassett

President Beverly Murphy with Ambassador Ray Bassett

During dinner, guests were entertained by the Marie-Claude Rousseau School of Irish Dance as well as by Lisa Forget and Terry Clahane. When dinner concluded, the dance floor opened up to the many guests to celebrate and dance, and dance they did!

Event chairperson Millie Griffin-Gagnon and her team are to be congratulated for the attention to detail they placed into the organization of this celebration.

Time will tell if this celebration was a dress rehearsal for the upcoming 200th anniversary of the Saint Patrick’s Parade in Montreal in 2023.