Cote-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grace Borough to Honour Longtime Volunteer

On Monday April 28th friends, family, and associates gathered at a tiny restaurant in Notre-Dame-de-Grace to honour Lionel Geller, a longtime NDG Minor Baseball volunteer who stepped aside at the end of October 2013 after 37 years of service to his community.



When he made his announcement the Board and the baseball community was happy, sad, and stunned all rolled into one. After 37 years of service, many of them long after his own children left the ball fields of NDG to forge their own lives, Lionel is a living legend. We are happy he has made this decision, which will give him more time to spend with the ones he loves. We are sad to see him leave. No longer will we see him pull his note paper from his shirt pocket to jot something down before he forgets. We were stunned at the announcement. In good health, Lionel exhibited no outward signs of an impending departure. In fact, his final year with NDG Minor Baseball was served as its president!

After a period of reflection, the Board decided to gather his friends, family, and associates to thank him for everything he has done for the youth of the community. On Monday, former NDG Baseball presidents such as Steve Glazer, Terry Doucet, Martin Cote, Ken Quinn and Debbie Praw joined his friends and family for a surprise get together at Mamma Mia Restaurant on Cote St. Luc Road. Lionel surprised us by arriving early with Doreen, his wife, to be able to get a good parking spot.

James Rankine (R) presents token to Lionel (L)

James Rankine (R) presents token to Lionel (L)

The speeches were kept to an absolute minimum to maintain the gathering’s informal atmosphere. As dessert was being served, James Rankine rose to say a few words and, on behalf of NDG Minor Baseball, presented Lionel with a beautifully framed photograph. Ken Quinn then rose to read a letter from the borough’s mayor, none of the elected borough officials being able to attend owing to a City Council meeting.  Mayor Russell Copeman praises Lionel in the letter before announcing the following:

“I am glad to announce that the baseball field currently known as “Loyola 2” will soon be dedicated to you and will be called the “LIONEL GELLER Field””

This field is found at the corner of Coronation and Fielding in western NDG within the beautiful Loyola Park. What a nice gesture on the part of the Borough! An official ceremony will take place this summer.

Ron Nathaniel rose to present Lionel with a gift he made himself, thanking Lionel for getting him involved with NDG Baseball. While Lionel thanked everyone for the gifts and for attending the evening it is we who thank Lionel for 37 years of dedication to the youth of the community.

Bravo, Lionel! You’ve earned your retirement.


Quinn Family Participation in Montreal’s St. Patrick’s Parade

Quinn Family Participation in St. Patrick’s Parade

Since 1928 up until now

The Quinn family has been actively involved in the United Irish Societies of Montreal since the very beginning. Patrick Quinn, born in 1893 in Glasgow, Scotland and having settled in Verdun, Quebec, was the founding treasurer from 1928 until his death in 1947. Many of us has followed in his footsteps. Below is a snapshot of the people from the family who have been involved, that I know of.


Patrick Quinn                                                                (1893-1947)

Charter member of the United Irish Societies and Treasurer until his death.


Francis J. Quinn                                (son of Patrick)    (1929-2008)


Elizabeth Quinn                                 (niece)


Francis J. Quinn   (1965-1966)                   (son)                      (1929-2008)
Joseph Quinn       (1996-1997)                   (nephew)
Elizabeth Quinn   (2000-2001)                   (niece)
Kenneth Quinn     (2010-2011)         (grand nephew)


Maurice D. Quinn (1983)                           (son)
Joseph Quinn       (1994-1995)                   (nephew)
Elizabeth Quinn   (1998-1999)                   (niece)


Kenneth Quinn     (2008-2009)                   (grand nephew)


Patrick Quinn     (1928-1947)                                                (1893-1947)
Kenneth Quinn     (1998-2003)         (grand nephew)


In a Montreal Gazette article dated February 24, 1945 focusing on the details of the upcoming parade, mention is made that “Miss Helen Quinn of Saint Willibrord Parish, Verdun, was elected to the office of permanent recording secretary. Miss Quinn is the first woman to fill an executive office in the United Irish Societies.”

Helen Quinn Corcoran                      (daughter)             (1923-2008)
Rose Quinn          (2007- 2010)        (grand daughter)


Elizabeth Quinn   (1996-1997)                   (niece)


Stephen M. Dowd   (1997-2002)         (grand nephew)    (1959-2002)
Kenneth Quinn     (2003-2007)         (grand nephew)


James (Buzzy) Quinn              (nephew)              (1931-2005)
Kenneth Quinn (acting – 2002) (grand nephew)


Helen Quinn O’Hagan             (sister)                  (1899-1986)

This lady was a member of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Ancient Order of Hibernians for 55 years.   Verdun Chapter


Barbara Quinn     (1986-1987) (grand niece)


Elizabeth Quinn   (2006-2011)         (niece)


Barbara Quinn     (1988) (grand niece)


Maurice D. Quinn                       (son)
Joseph Quinn       (1992-1993)         (nephew)
Stephen M. Dowd    (1994-1996)         (grand nephew)    (1959-2002)


Rose Quinn          (2005- 2007)        (grand daughter)


Kenneth Quinn (2011- )          (grand nephew)


Francis J. Quinn                      (son)                     (1929-2008)
Kenneth Quinn     (2012 – )      (grand nephew)


Joseph Quinn       (2005)         (nephew)


Elizabeth Quinn   (2008)         (niece)

GOLD CARD MEMBERS (Life members)

Elizabeth Quinn   (2007)         (niece)
Francis J. Quinn                      (son)                     (1929-2008)
Kenneth Quinn     (2013)         (grand nephew)


2005 – John Kenny Memorial Trophy for Most Authentic Irish Unit
2006 – John Kenny Memorial Trophy for Most Authentic Irish Unit

Stephen M. Dowd Memorial Trophy

Prior to 2003 parade this category was known as the Molson Trophy for Best Commercial Float. Following Stephen’s death, the United Irish Societies of Montreal purchased a new trophy and christened it the Stephen M. Dowd Memorial Trophy for Best Commercial Float. The inaugural recipient of this award was ING, then a major sponsor of the annual parade.

Quinn Family Trophy for Best Military Unit

In recognition of its active participation in the organization of the St. Patrick’s Parade since 1928, in 2003 the Quinn Family approached the United Irish Societies of Montreal for the purposes of donating a trophy to be used at its discretion. The United Irish Societies graciously accepted, christening the new trophy the Quinn Family Trophy for Best Military Unit. The inaugural recipient of this award was The Black Watch (RHR) of Canada.


2005 – 2009

Stephen M. Dowd Memorial Scholarship Fund

Since its participation in the parade began, the Quinn Family has raised funds by asking its members to contribute funds toward the parade expenses of the group. The excess monies are then donated to the Stephen M. Dowd Memorial Scholarship Fund at Concordia University. Below are the results of the family’s contributions:

2005                                                                                        $563.00
2006                                                                                        $555.00
2007                                                                                        $530.00
2008                                                                                        $750.00
2009                                                                                      $1,135.00

Total                                                                                      $3,533.00


Since the mid to late 1980s Elizabeth Quinn has been instrumental in the success of the annual selection of the St. Patrick’s Parade Queen & Court. Once a popularity contest, this event is now a public speaking contest where a panel of distinguished judges selects the parade queen and princesses based on four different categories. In 2014, one of these judges was Jodi Jarvis, great grand niece of Patrick Quinn.


Laura Chambers-Quinn great granddaughter
Helen Quinn Corcoran   daughter                                  (1923-2008)
Stephen M. Dowd                   grand nephew                          (1959-2002)
Adam Hughes                great grand nephew
Helen Quinn O’Hagan   sister                                        (1899-1986)
Michael O’Sullivan        grand nephew
Barbara Quinn               grand niece
Donald Quinn                grand nephew
Douglas Quinn               grand nephew
Elizabeth Quinn             niece
Francis J. Quinn             son                                          (1929-2008)
George A. Quinn            son                                          (1918-1984)
Gerald Quinn                 nephew                                    (1924-1999)
James (Buzzy) Quinn     nephew                                    (1931-2005)
Joseph Quinn                 nephew
Kenneth Quinn              grand nephew
Maurice D. Quinn          son
Patrick Quinn                                                                (1893-1947)
Patrick D. Quinn            great grand nephew
Ronald Quinn                grand nephew                          (1955-2005)
Rose Quinn                    granddaughter
Shannon Quinn              grand niece
Shawn Quinn                 grandson
Margaret Quinn Whitaker   granddaughter
Matthew Zawada           great grand nephew
Timothy Zawada           great grand nephew

It’s Baseball Season!

ChampionsBaseball season is fast approaching. In the Borough of Cote-des-Neiges-Notre-Dame-de-Grace this is a sign that the NDG Minor Baseball volunteers are hard at work preparing equipment, uniforms, and the required Little League paperwork to provide the children of the area a memorable baseball experience.

Parents can register their children at any time however on Sunday April 27th NDG Baseball will be holding an Onsite Registration from 11AM to 2PM at Saint-Luc High School (Confederation Complex), (5320 Kensington) , giving parents and players alike the chance to ask their questions in person.
Since 2004 NDG Baseball teams have represented Little League Quebec at the various Canadian National Championships seventeen times and two teams have represented Little League Canada at the Senior League World Series in Bangor Maine, in 2011 and 2012.
NDG Baseball’s foundation is its house league program, a program for children from the age of five years to eighteen years where the focus is on participation and education about the game. All children living within the League’s boundaries, or who attend school on a full time basis within the League’s boundaries, are eligible to play.

For the first time, NDG Baseball is endeavouring to field a girls’ softball team, or teams. The League is hopeful it can attract a sufficient number of girls to begin what it believes to be an excellent opportunity for girls to learn about the great game of softball.

Encourage your friends and neighbours to enroll their children in the best Little League organization in the province. They won’t be disappointed.

You can contact the League at, or by calling (514) 359-6788. You can also visit the League’s website at