Quinn Family Participation in Montreal’s St. Patrick’s Parade

Ken Quinn

Quinn Family Participation in St. Patrick’s Parade

Since 1928 up until now

The Quinn family has been actively involved in the United Irish Societies of Montreal since the very beginning. Patrick Quinn, born in 1893 in Glasgow, Scotland and having settled in Verdun, Quebec, was the founding treasurer from 1928 until his death in 1947. Many of us has followed in his footsteps. Below is a snapshot of the people from the family who have been involved, that I know of.


Patrick Quinn                                                                (1893-1947)

Charter member of the United Irish Societies and Treasurer until his death.


Francis J. Quinn                                (son of Patrick)    (1929-2008)


Elizabeth Quinn                                 (niece)


Francis J. Quinn   (1965-1966)                   (son)                      (1929-2008)
Joseph Quinn       (1996-1997)                   (nephew)
Elizabeth Quinn   (2000-2001)                   (niece)
Kenneth Quinn     (2010-2011)         (grand nephew)


Maurice D. Quinn (1983)                           (son)
Joseph Quinn      …

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Volunteerism Rocks!


Yesterday was a very special day. At the invitation of the Town of Beaconsfield I attended on behalf of the St. Patrick’s Society of Montreal a luncheon followed by the inauguration of the Town’s Heroes Park, the brainchild of Beaconsfield resident Major Richard Gratton over two years in the planning honouring our military, police, fire, paramedics, and first responder personnel. Aside from the privilege of witnessing this important event in the presence of His Excellency David Johnston, Governor General of Canada, I was witness to the wise words of numerous orators including the sister of Captain Nichola Goddard, the first Canadian military woman killed in active combat.

Following the conclusion of this event I continued on my way, to Concordia’s Loyola Campus, to be interviewed by 3 eager journalism students about the reposession pf plots at Cote des Neiges Cemetery. It really didn’t matter to me what I spoke about. The important thing was to help the students do their best to earn the best mark possible for their project.

At the conclusion of the interview I proceeded to my final meeting as a member of the Board of Directors of NDG Minor Baseball after numerous years serving the community. My firm belief is that parents of current players need to step forward to volunteer their time toward the success of the League their children benefit from. They need to take ownership. Hopefully, through my departure, new people with new ideas will sit around the table after the Annual General Meeting.

None of the above would have been possible had I not been inclined to volunteer my time to organizations I appreciate. I was privileged to shake His Excellency’s hand, help some students with an important project, and played a part in the decision making process for the best youth sports organization on the island of Montreal one final time.

Yesterday was priceless.