Just Vote, Please?

Here we are on the last day before voting for our next Federal representatives. Here in Quebec there are realistically four political parties with a chance to win some seats: Bloc Quebecois, Conservative Party, Liberal Party, New Democratic Party. Of those, the Conservatives generally have not been able gain traction in Quebec though they do have a consistent following in the Quebec City area. The NDP and the Liberals will make history if either of their leaders become Prime Minister. Thomas Mulcair would lead the first NDP Federal government and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, and his late father, would be the first father-son tandem to lead a government in this country since Confederation.

The bottom line is this: Get out and vote tomorrow. People in other parts of the world would (and have) die(d) to have the democratic rights and freedoms we enjoy. Who you vote for is unimportant. Just get to your polling station and do your duty, even if you have to stand in line for what you think is an unacceptably long time. It’s worth it, really.

If you’re not sure where you need to present yourself to cast your ballot, or who the candidate are in your riding, visit the Elections Canada site. You can’t go wrong.

Come Tuesday morning democracy will have spoken and, undeniably, democracy is never wrong.